Changes Coming for High School Equivalency Tests?

It was announced the recently that changes may be on the way for the General Education Development (GED) exams, the long-standing high school equivalency tests that have been in place since World War II for students seeking high school equivalency certificates or diplomas.

States across America have recently begun to enforce higher standards for college preparedness in both math and reading. In an effort to match these new standards, the developers of the GED are now exploring the benefits of converting the traditional pencil and paper test to a more computerized exam…but not without some resistance. Continue reading “Changes Coming for High School Equivalency Tests?”

Summer Learning Matters


Students lose an average of 2.6 months of grade-level equivalency during the summer.[1] Said another way, one summer vacation rips two and a half months of learning from the average child.

Research shows that when we stop practicing, procedural skills and facts are most likely to be forgotten.[2] That means math, followed by reading and writing, suffer the most during the lazy days of summer. Continue reading “Summer Learning Matters”