Primavera Blended Learning Center 5.24.13

After things slowed down a bit last week, it was great to see the team crank things back up as we head into the holiday weekend. After laying the structural foundation for the center over the last few weeks, we’ve reached the stage of the build-out where we can start building up, instead of down, which is exciting to watch take place. Despite the days off last week, the Chasse building team continues to keep the Primavera Blended Learning Center on path for a summer completion by making big strides over the past couple of days. Continue reading “Primavera Blended Learning Center 5.24.13”

Florida Expanding Online Education

Florida State Rep., Manny Diaz, recently sponsored a bill that was cleared by the legislature and could have a profound effect on the future of online education in Florida going forward. The bill, which loosens some of the requirements for schools interested in offering online learning, could open the door for many more private institutions to establish themselves as online educational providers in a state that has been largely under the influence of a small number of online schools for many years now. Continue reading “Florida Expanding Online Education”

Virginia Virtual Academy to Close, Leaving Families Stranded

As I was doing some early morning reading over the weekend, I was saddened to see some unfortunate news for online students in Virginia. The Carroll County School Board recently voted to close its online learning program, leaving the 350+ students who attend the Virginia Virtual Academy to scramble to find a new school to enroll at in time for the fall. Continue reading “Virginia Virtual Academy to Close, Leaving Families Stranded”

MOOC’s and Motivation

If I offered you $10,000 to learn one college subject, would you do it? How about if I paid for the courses? Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? That is essentially what MOOC’s offer. A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is free to the student, offers the best minds in the various subject areas as teachers, and has almost unlimited enrollment. Who wouldn’t be interested in that kind of deal, right? Continue reading “MOOC’s and Motivation”