I’ve always been a strong believer in education and recognize the challenges that traditional schooling can pose towards this generation’s students as our world continues to evolve by leaps and bounds each day. I began my professional career at the University of Phoenix where, after hearing about their innovative approach to online education, I received the first-hand experience I sought on how to create and deliver an alternative educational model for aspiring young students.

In 2001, I founded Primavera Online High School, a charter school in Chandler, AZ, that began with just a handful of curious students looking to break from the mold of a traditional brick and mortar education. In an effort to give the students at Primavera the type of education I envisioned for them, I contracted with programmers to design a customized learning experience, leading to the development of a brand new Learning Management System and Student Information System to help set Primavera apart.

With this vision in mind, along with the help of all the wonderful people that have joined me in this (crusade), Primavera has continued to grow each year, becoming the largest high school in AZ and one of the biggest online programs in the nation, serving more than 20,000 students a year.

Following this model, I created Primavera Online Middle School in 2011, originally offering classes to 7th and 8th grade students before expanding to 6th grade as well the following year to keep up with demand.

And in an effort to help share the success of Primavera with other online institutions, I launched FlipSwitch in 2011, offering online management software to help track and manage student data. Our team of programmers and curriculum developers has created an ideal turn-key solution for any online school, boasting a configurable suite of systems that complements our 135 course curriculum of classes all aligned to meet core, state and national standards.

Along with StrongMind, a full-service marketing and creative design agency with roots in online education, I’m very excited for what lies ahead.

I’ve been truly blessed to see one of my life’s dreams evolve the way that it has. I’m extremely proud of the progress that we’ve made over the last twelve years and look forward to improving online education even more so in the next twelve years and beyond.

Damian Creamer

CEO & Founder of:

Primavera Online High School and Middle School