AZ Online High School Acts Fast to Help Yarnell Fire Victims

The Power of Social Media When Tragedy Hits

The power of communicating online, especially via social media channels and popular sites like Twitter and Facebook has been evidenced around the world during some of most important events in recent times.  Information is shared instantly and people’s actions can be coordinated to quickly respond to what’s happening around them, including helping their fellow man when tragedy hits. 

Online Students Harness Their Virtual Communities 

The terrible fires of the last week in a small Arizona town called Yarnell and the resulting loss of 19 firefighters has sparked a fast response to help from the largest high school in Arizona – that just happens to be 100% online.  Students, teachers, and parents of the Primavera Online High School are leveraging their virtual communities to quickly come to the aid of their fellow Arizonians.

From helping sell t-shirts to raise money for the families of the fallen firefighters to delivering food, water, and other needed items to shelters for those victims displaced from their homes – these online students are doing everything they can.  In a few weeks, the Primavera School vans will be loaded up and many of the students and faculty will be distributing the items to all those affected by the tragedy.

Ways to Help

Your support is also requested, and below are several ways to support the Yarnell Fire Victims:

The Silver Lining: A Lesson Learned

When it comes to our kids, many question their spending so much time online.  While true that balance is needed in all aspects of life, it’s encouraging to see those students who are using technology to get their education, apply their online skills and use their digital communities to make a difference in not just their own lives, but those around them.  Often the silver lining when tragedy hits is witnessed when our own humanity comes through as we unite and strengthen our bonds with each other to overcome what has happened.  Well, in the case of the Yarnell fire, our youngest have united online and learned a very important lesson in the power they have to change the world around them for the better.

It’s no doubt that as the students of Primavera celebrated the July 4th holiday with their own families and friends, they had a better understanding of what it means to be an American and the great things that can happen when we stand together – even when it’s done virtually.

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