God bless our teachers

A report came out last month that talks about what it’s like to be a teacher and principal in America today.  Even though I work closely with Primavera and FlipSwitch, I didn’t believe how bad it’s gotten.

Teacher satisfaction is down 23 percentage points since 2008.  Morale among our teachers is at its lowest point ever.  Just in the last year, teacher satisfaction is down 5%.

What could be causing this?

According to the report, those teachers who are the least satisfied are also the most likely to report that they received less professional development this year than last year.  Stress is also a huge cause with more than half of teachers feeling like they are under great stress several days a week.  In 1985, about a third of teachers were this stressed out.

From those two data points, it appears that we need to increase our investments in professional development.  Likewise, finding ways to help teachers lower and manage stress would also improve morale.

According to the Texas Education Agency, teacher turnover there is 13%.  That’s likely to increase as morale continues to plummet.  Can you imagine that turnover at charter schools is 46%???  We’re the first to say that teachers are responsible for the future of our nation.  When was the last time we did something to help improve their morale?

Go hug a teacher today and thank them for sticking it out.  Then, do something to try and make a difference in a classroom today.

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