Online Education May Make Top Colleges More Elite, Speakers Say

Some of education’s brightest minds recently met for a private summit in Cambridge, sponsored by MIT and Harvard University, to discuss the growing effect of online education, particularly at elite institutions.

After stubbornly sticking to their traditional roots for years, both Harvard and MIT officially embraced online learning last year, investing $60 million into the creation of a non-profit MOOC provider called edX, for studying the dynamics of virtual classrooms.

Some of the key topics discussed at the summit included the use of online tools to track and record how students use course material in order to design more effective traditional methods of teaching and how blended learning could also add value to the classes offered at some of the nation’s top institutions.

A greater emphasis on online or blended learning could lead to more seminars, project-based courses and mentorship opportunities for students, supplying additional value to the courses being offered while simultaneously empowering schools and professors with more control and creativity.


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