Primavera Blended Learning Center 5.24.13

After things slowed down a bit last week, it was great to see the team crank things back up as we head into the holiday weekend. After laying the structural foundation for the center over the last few weeks, we’ve reached the stage of the build-out where we can start building up, instead of down, which is exciting to watch take place. Despite the days off last week, the Chasse building team continues to keep the Primavera Blended Learning Center on path for a summer completion by making big strides over the past couple of days.Blended Learning Center 8

The big news of the week was that the steel was set for the mezzanine level of the learning center, giving it a unique vertical element along the north wall. We’re hopeful that the concrete for the mezzanine can be poured next week and that the two sets of stairs for it will also be delivered and installed at that time.

Blended Learning Center 10

Framing for the administrative office, activity room, and restrooms continued this week. Framing for the server and electrical room have been completed.    

All duct work for the A/C units are currently being installed and the fumed hood for the science lab will be ordered within the next week.

Blended Learning Center 9

We’re also currently in the process of designing a building sign, directional signs, parking signs, interior room signs, and vinyl for the exterior windows.

We’ve finalized the design for the bike that will be made available to all of our neighborhood students who ride their bikes. And thanks to our friends at Home Depot, a couple trees have been donated to the learning center to adorn its exterior.  

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