Primavera Blended Learning Center Update 5.17.13

I’m happy to say that after nearly a week off from any construction being done as we awaited permits from the city, the Primavera Blended Learning Center build-out ramped back up again this week as we continue to aim for our grand opening in August.Blended Learning Center concrete work

Cement trucks arrived at the start of the week and concrete was poured to fill in all of the floor trenches.

All of the steel was delivered on Thursday and we’ve begun constructing the mezzanine level, which will most likely go on for the remainder of the month. Also, the stairs for the mezzanine level are expected to be delivered within the next 10 days.

Blended Learning Center construction

All of the metal studs have arrived for framing the walls. This morning we began framing the bathroom and server room walls. Also, we’ve started framing the ceiling for A/C units.

Blended Learning Center framework

We’ve selected bike racks for the students and all furniture for the school should be delivered the 3rd week of July.

Even despite the small hiccup that we encountered last week, I’m still extremely pleased with the progress the team has made. The blended learning center is coming together nicely and I’m very happy with how well all the teams involved have answered the call and worked together to make this happen. August isn’t far off and I’m so excited to start the newest Primavera endeavor.

The blended learning center concept, which has been molded after the Primavera model, will provide young learners with a teaching style and environment unlike anything else. It’s been a dream of mine for years and we’re another week closer to making it a reality.   

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