Primavera Learning Center Update 4.26.13

primavera learning center ground breaking 

It’s hard to believe we’re only two weeks into the project and yet we’ve already made such incredible progress. I could not be more proud of the team or pleased with how the build-out for the Primavera Learning Center has gone so far. It truly makes coming to work each day exciting and a real treat for me.

Chasse Construction, who we’ve enlisted as the general contractor for the project, has done an excellent job of hitting the ground running. In less than two weeks all floors inside of the facility have been trenched for both plumbing and power and nearly all the plumbing has also been completed. We’re hopeful that next week concrete can be poured to close up the plumbing and we can move on to the next phase of the build-out. 

Primavera learning center plumbing

Similarly, power and data boxes should be installed next week as well, along with footers for the learning center’s loft, or mezzanine level.

We’re also happy to announce that (insert company name) has agreed to assist us with the interior design on the Primavera Learning Center. We want to create a healthy learning environment that promotes student creativity and is both fun and engaging for our students. We’ve also selected a number of vibrant colors to create a warm, welcoming environment that will stimulate student creativity.

Primavera Belended learning center interior construction

All furniture, finishes, and flooring have been selected, including custom rubber flooring for both the lab and activity rooms. The Periodic Table of Elements will also be displayed on the lab floor in bright colors.

It’s been a busy two weeks for us here at Primavera and I’m so incredibly excited to share this project with everyone. We’re off to a good start. Let’s keep it going.

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