While performance declines, requirements increase

We’ve all heard the statistics about declining student performance.  I wrote an entry in my blog about how SAT Reading scores are the lowest in 40 years.  In light of these declining performance numbers, the education requirements for good jobs in the US are climbing.  Unfortunately, just 25 percent of students who took the ACT last year are college ready.

It’s one thing to look at what colleges want.  It’s another thing entirely to look at what employers want.

According to US News, by 2020, the number of jobs requiring a Master’s degree is expected to grow by more than 20%.  A survey done last summer by Wanted Analytics found more than 58,000 job postings for employees skilled in Customer Relationship Management.  That was a 22% increase in demand year over year.  In addition to customer service skills, employers commonly require applicants to have experience with systems like Salesforce, Adobe products and Microsoft Office.

Primavera and FlipSwitch, recently we partnered with Certiport in a unique relationship where we provide online classes to teach students software programs from companies like Microsoft, Adobe and Intuit.  When they are done with the class, students can take a professional exam on the program they learned about.  If they pass, they earn official certification.

This kind of education not only gives students the skills they need for life after high school, it also makes learning come alive to them.  They can see the job postings that call out requirements like Microsoft Office and recognize the path they need to take in order to be considered for those jobs.

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